Thoughts on Nexplanon

Hi, I'm about to turn 17 and go to my annual doctor's visit so my birth control pills can be prescribed again. I've been on the pill since I was 14 and I don't do anything so the pill is just to manage my periods. I feel like the pill isn't working as well as […]


UTI for four days…now back pain?

Hey there! So I'll start this out by saying I used to get utis all the time. Haven't had one in about 2 or three years. Had sex Tuesday night with my fiance. I always pee afterward but couldn't get much out after that session…also I was kinda drier than normal sorry for TMI. But […]

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Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Fast: Little-Known Tips

According to statistics, one in three Americans has bad or poor credit. A credit score is crucial as it can help you qualify for loans and get better interest rates. It can also help you rent an apartment or buy a car. A bad credit score can make it difficult to do these things. Awareness…

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Why do I “need” to get my period?

This sounds dumb but it’s a real question lol. So I (18F) got my period at 13 and it’s never been regular, always pretty rare. I went on birth control two years ago and started having them monthly, then I went off it last year and went back to basically not getting them. Well my […]


I have Vaseline inside of me

So I’ve always had trouble putting tampons in.It was very uncomfortable and It hurts.So I decided to put some Vaseline on my tampon and stick it inside me.It went in easily but I looked it up and it said Vaseline can cause infections.So can I get an infection by using Vaseline even tho this is […]



I had a urine test today and it came back abnormal for WBCs WBC (U)11-15 0-5 /HPF My doc says no UTI. Does anyone know what you should see on the test if you have one? I am having pain in the kidney area and front abdomen. submitted by /u/NatalieJastrow [link] [comments]